AMP Brand

AMP Medical is proud to offer our own medical-grade skincare brand for those businesses that are still deciding if private label is the right option.

Here are some of the benefits of starting with the AMP brand:

Smaller Investment

Our minimum order quantity(MOQ) is less, just 6 or 12 units per SKU, ideal for accounts with less space for inventory, and a smaller budget for those starting out to avoid private label fees.

Save Time

The ordering and shipping process is quicker as we stock over 100 prelabeled skus at our warehouse for faster order fulfillment.

Brand Awareness

Rely on an already established medical grade anti-aging line to offer your clients. We will supply our marketing materials at no cost to you.

Trial Orders

All of our trial orders are shipped in our brand instead of blank containers for testing purposes, and you’ll receive 50% off your first trial order! Blank containers for trial orders may be requested to ensure privacy when shipping to your office.